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Sandeep Srivastava - Indian American Democrat for US Congress

I'm Ready to Flip Congressional District 3

It's time for new leadership in North Texas. We can't afford politicians who take their cues from the far right, abandon our children and parents to a pandemic, and refuse to lead in the greatest crisis of our generation. We need leaders who will face our future boldly, fight for the opportunity and safety of every American, and treat our common future with the responsibility we demand.

Sandeep Srivastava is a proud resident of Plano, a first generation immigrant, and father of two. He is running for US Congress to protect the right to vote, create opportunity for every American, and truly represent his community.

Fight for a Fair Immigration System & Refugee Protection

Stand Up for Racial Justice & Criminal Justice Reform

Support Affordable Healthcare for All

Protect the Voting Rights of All Americans

Defend Democracy with Campaign Finance Reform

Build an Economy That Works for Every American