Here is how I want to help the people of Congressional District 3 make their American Dreams a reality for generations to come.

Fair Deals for Our Families I’ve run successful businesses and learned from some of the best companies in our country. Now, I want to negotiate better contracts for the American family. Consumer protection and regulation is one of the top issues I hear about from voters across District 3. Texans want answers about why they pay a bigger share of taxes than some of our biggest corporations.

Healthcare Access Our health is our wealth but many Americans are currently facing historically high medical bills and poor health outcomes. Republicans, Democrats, and Independents here in District 3 agree - insulin pricing isn’t a partisan issue, and taking on Big Pharma shouldn’t be either. Old laws allow Big Pharma to enjoy billions in profits and little competition. American taxpayers fund the research that develops these drugs and they need these medicines to live. I won’t stop fighting until we get the best deal.

Common Sense in a Crisis Our founders didn’t imagine well-funded police departments in every city when they called for well-regulated militias, and they didn’t imagine the developments in weaponry that we have today. I will not hide behind rhetoric when it comes to defending American lives. It’s time to raise the age to purchase these weapons and it’s time for federal background checks and red flag laws.

Privacy for American Families We need to be regulating weapon sales, not women’s bodies. The right to make reproductive decisions should fall to individual Americans, not the President, or Supreme Court Justices who will never have to care for the lives they are destroying with this anticipated decision. The majority of Americans agree about the right to abortion and those Americans have representatives in the U.S. Congress. It’s time for federal legislation protecting the right to abortion and reproductive healthcare.

Real Family Values We also can’t ask families to take on more responsibility during a time of record inflation and housing prices. America is the only country in the West that deprives parents of the time that experts say we need to improve maternal and infant health. Parents in my district and across the country, shouldn’t have to spend more than 7% of their annual income on childcare. I will fight for the Paid Family Leave Act that passed the U.S. House - and I will make sure every company in District 3 that profits from the time we spend away from our children is asked directly: “What will your company do to help our American families thrive together?” Our family kept daycares open every day of the pandemic to serve first responders. Every family in America who needs help raising their children in a safe, caring environment deserves the same.

The Future Our Heroes Deserve I am grateful to be living my American Dream, a life made possible by the sacrifices of our military. I will show my gratitude by calling for real justice for our veterans. Servicemembers deserve a VA that mandates annual checkups. They deserve professionals who deliver long-term, required trauma-informed care as they transition back into society. They need protection from abuse while they serve and need support to avoid addiction to prescription drugs and alcohol. I will care for these men and women as if they were my own sons and daughters.

Securing Our Future Congress can also help alleviate the burden on our brave military members and families by examining how we fight and defend our values in the modern world. We need a military that can move quickly in the heat and whose technology will fare well in deserts. Your next Congress member from CD3 should examine our investments in warfare and decide how to fight against weaponized disinformation more effectively in a time of digital warfare. Our country still hasn’t invested enough in making sure that every utility, pipeline, school, and financial system is safe from enemies and cyber terror. I’ll fight for those gains so our men and women in uniform can work smarter not harder.

Preservation and Conservation Anyone thinking about the future of investment in North Texas should be concerned with drought prevention and conservation. But more importantly, I'll be the candidate to fight for the preservation of water access for all communities, and not just industry. Without water, there are no people to do the jobs that some of our biggest employers in CD3 are hiring for. These companies are nothing without us and we are nothing without our environment. Water protection is pro-life. We can’t leave deserts and bidding wars over the building block of life to our children with no investment or structure for equity and preservation.

Workforce Investment When it comes to our shared future; jobs, immigration, and infrastructure are all tied together. If you have been paying attention, economists predict we will need more than a million construction workers nationally to meet ongoing needs from the expected growth. Collin County had more population increase and home building than any other suburban county over the last decade. People built their homes here - but which jobs will remain in twenty years? We need to prepare our kids to move anywhere to compete for work against a global workforce that will be able to work remotely for good. Congress must deliver just and realistic outcomes for immigrants and our native-born workforce too.

Immigration and Worker Justice We need immigrants, as we always have, to help us build the future we seek. We face an aging population destined for nursing homes. We face physician shortages in major cities, not just in rural hospitals. Who will staff these jobs? Who will care for our parents? What will the standards for employment and pensions be? I will never forget where I came from. I will proudly vote for more healthcare education funding, more civil service jobs, AND reforms to the immigration system so we can have a well-prepared workforce to meet the next chapter of our shared American Dream.