Protect the Voting Rights of All Americans

End the Use of Black Box Voting Machines

Unfortunately, some states and counties use electronic voting and tabulating machines that hackers can exploit without detection because the companies that manufacture them do not disclose how the machines work, and voters cannot tell whether their votes are correctly recorded and counted. Such equipment are called “black box” voting machines. Since election officials do not know how the machines operate internally, no one can determine if the machines have been tampered with. Luckily, this problem is easily solved by only using machines that election departments fully understand.

Require Federal Audits for Any Electronic Voting Machines and Their Software

Since researchers proved that hackers, including those working for foreign governments, can tamper with voting machines by exploiting weaknesses in the machines and their software, we need to verify that voting equipment and software have not been compromised.

Require Independent Congressional Redistricting Commissions

Though illegal, gerrymandering is widespread, allowing political parties and incumbents in state legislatures to exploit redistricting so that one party or another maintains control of both the legislature and state Congressional delegations. We can fix this problem by transferring the redistricting process from legislatures to unbiased and independent Congressional redistricting committees that keep communities of interest together rather than packing and cracking groups of voters out of fair representation.

Establish Automatic Nationwide Voter Registration

Democracy benefits when more citizens participate in elections. A significant barrier to voting is requiring voters to initiate voter registration, essentially opting in to register and change their registration. Instead, eligible citizens should be automatically registered to vote whenever they interact with government agencies such as departments of motor vehicles. Voters can then choose to opt-out of registration if they wish.

Pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act

The bipartisan Voting Rights Act of 1965 protected us from voter suppression, but the Supreme Court eviscerated it in 2013. Since that decision, several states have disenfranchised voters, especially minorities, the elderly, and the young. The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act redresses such prejudicial practices, protecting all Americans’ right to vote.