Stand Up for Racial Justice & Criminal Justice Reform

Call for Federal Focus on White Supremacist Terrorism

We see an alarming rise in terrorism by white supremacist groups. Indeed, such groups are the single largest source of terrorism-related deaths in the U.S. White supremacist terrorist groups often target people where they should feel safe such as places of worship. We call for a federal focus on white supremacist terrorism. Congress must also fund all appropriate resources that law enforcement agencies need to pursue and investigate domestic terrorist cells.

Require Minimum Nationwide Standards for Law Enforcement

The American justice system should be fair, treating all people equally and without prejudice, and it should work to protect all Americans rather than be a danger to people of color. We must establish minimum nationwide standards for law enforcement agencies.

Increase Participation in the FBI Nationwide Use of Force Database

We can eliminate the hiring of “bad apple” law enforcement officers by increasing participation in the FBI National Use of Force Data Collection, a database that collects national statistics on law enforcement use of force incidents. As participation is voluntary, it has stalled with only 27 percent of agencies submitting data in the past two years. We can persuade more law enforcement agencies to participate by tying participation to federal grant eligibility. We can also create a federal database with mandatory reporting of police misconduct.

Congress Should Act to Deschedule Cannabis and Grant Amnesty

To prevent the disproportionate incarceration of people, especially young men, of color, Congress should act to deschedule cannabis and grant amnesty to people serving long sentences for low level, nonviolent crimes. Prosecuting people who have committed these victimless crimes triggers “three strikes” laws and leads to racial sentencing injustice. Systemic racism in our criminal justice system is an issue Congress must remedy.