Fight for a Fair Immigration System & Refugee Protection

Increase the Cap on Permanent Visas Issued Each Year

America is proud of its diversity, which enriches our culture. Currently, the U.S. sets a limit of only 140,000 permanent visas issued per year, most of which are work visas. The people who come here with permanent visas are of immense benefit to our economy because they are usually exceptionally talented, highly skilled, and experienced. When they come here, they increase the productive capacity of the economy. We should increase the limit so that more people from other countries can help boost our economy.

Pathway to Citizenship for Undocumented Workers

Most Americans are immigrants or descended from immigrants who came to America seeking a better life when it was easier to immigrate to this country. Undocumented immigrants are no different. They come here to work hard to improve their lives. Without family members who are close relatives, employer-sponsored work visas, or $900,000 to spend on a new business that creates at least ten full-time jobs for Americans, there is no legal means for immigrating here and becoming a citizen. The visa system unfairly favors people who come from privileged backgrounds. We must ask ourselves what kind of society we want to be: one that favors the privileged and ignores the most vulnerable people or one that treats all immigrants fairly. American society is based on equality, so we must provide a fair pathway to citizenship for rigorously vetted undocumented workers.

End Abuse of the Temporary Worker Visa Program

We are a free nation that protects vulnerable people from wage enslavement, economic subjugation, indentured servitude, and human trafficking. Employers can exploit immigrants on temporary work visas because the immigration status is tied to a single employer who can intimidate them with threats of deportation or other retaliation if they complain about mistreatment such as low wages, wage theft, debt bondage, and inadequate workplace protections. Providing insufficient workplace protections lowers the standards for workplace protections for all American workers. We must require more transparency, fair wages, the detachment of temporary work visas from a single employer and providing a path for temporary workers to become legal permanent residents.

Raise the Asylum Cap for Fully Vetted Refugee Applicants.

We must live up to America’s commitment to be a haven for refugees and continue our history as a beacon for free people everywhere. By raising the cap on asylum applications for vetted refugees fleeing war and violence, persecution, starvation, and fear for their lives, we demonstrate our values as Americans and strengthen our nation.