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It's time for new leadership in North Texas. We can't afford politicians who take their cues from the far right, abandon our children and parents to a pandemic, and refuse to lead in the greatest crisis of our generation. We need leaders who will face our future boldly, fight for the opportunity and safety of every American, and treat our common future with the responsibility we demand.

Sandeep Srivastava is a proud resident of Plano. He was born in India and grew up studying at the Montfort Mission School/Lucknow Christian College and went onto earn a degree at Lucknow University in India. Loving husband and father two children - a son and a daughter. As a first-generation immigrant, Sandeep believes in the freedom and opportunities this great country offers and want to see his Congressional District one of the best in country.

He then followed the American dream and pursued a career in IT in Boston, Massachusetts working for Fidelity Investments. Through his job, Srivastava moved to the great state of Texas in 2006. He continued IT work with companies such as Pioneer Natural Resources, Dell and Xerox.

He quickly developed a passion for real estate and left his IT career behind to become a real estate consultant for REMAX in Plano and has earned countless awards through his accomplishments.

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